Interior design trends in 2022: What to expect?

A lot of rumors are on the air for interior design trends in 2022. What do experts predict? Is ‘curved’ the new fancy interior trend in 2022? Let us have a look into the details. Designs are prone to change as technology, comfort, coziness, and design perceptions take revolutionary leaps every year. As designs represent your character, personality, and attitude, your designs can’t go obsolete or old-fashioned, especially when you are living in an ever-young country like UAE. It is ideal to consult with the best interior design company in Dubai to find innovative, influencing, and inspiring design ideas that fit your style and budget. 

Now, let us look into predicted interior design trends in 2022 and the factors that stimulate these trends. 2022 design trends are an amalgamation of whatever this generation has been through. These design trends have been influenced by pandemics, work-from-home culture, home offices, digital meetings, and transformed mindsets of people.

Natural elements, ambient lighting, modern-day technologies, curved designs, and minimalism are all part of the latest trends.

  • Brown shades
  • Shapes and objects inspired by nature
  • Sculptural and curved furniture designs
  • Venetian plaster and limewash
  • Elevated outdoor furniture
  • Tactile textiles and textures
  • Dual-purpose rooms
  • High-tech homes
  • Vintage and sustainable accents
  • Leather furniture & upholstery
  • Global artworks 
  • Travel-inspired interiors
  • Mixing materials and design styles
  • Bold patterns and colors
  • Decorative cabinetry 
  • Sustainable practices
  • Fun foyers & home bars

Let us explore more in detail the interior design trends suggestions from the best interior design company in Dubai. 

If neutral shades were considered a choice in the previous years, 2022 will have more brown shades and patterns. Earthy browns, as Justina Blakeney says, will be the preferable choice of the year. 

As people started spending more time and energy indoors, there is a deliberate attempt to bring in connection with nature and natural objects. Natural surfaces, designer elements, shapes, objects, and colors take a comeback. 

Softer feminine shapes and curved sculptures are also considered as the latest trends that exhibit a feeling of welcome and friendliness. The studies and research be the best interior design company in Dubai discloses that Venetian plaster and limewash are also the choices for a lifetime. 

People also started embracing elevated outdoor furniture for its simplicity and minimalism. The market has also been witnessing a growing desire for tactile textiles and textures in recent times.  

A dual-purpose room that can be transformed into dining, conferences, place for exercise and work is also part of suggestions from the best interior design company in Dubai. The high-tech room also has a great demand from architects and professionals as work from home concepts increase. 

The best interior design company in Dubai also recommends using vintage and sustainable accents that trigger sentimentality and nostalgia. Leather furniture and upholstery always had their place in the latest trends for decades. 

Colorful tableware and global artworks have all taken positions in apartments, flats, residential and commercial places alike. Travel-inspired interiors are great ideas as per the best interior design company in Dubai. 

Creative architects and interior designers have started mixing up materials and design styles to produce unique and contemporary trends that will never time out. The best interior design company in Dubai also recommends using bold patterns and colors that reflect your personality and attitude in houses or offices. 

Decorative cabinetry, fun foyers, and home bars are all the latest trends in 2022. As people started spending more time inside their offices and houses, home bars and fun places have offered a great deal of relaxation and comfort. 

We come across great design transformations every year, yet some trends and patterns do not wear out. As the best interior design company in Dubai, Axis Interiors are ready to extend our support and expert guidance to people who have an urge to transform their offices or residential units. 


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